Christmas Chicken with Cranberries and Orange

Christmas Chicken

If you are planning to cook chicken over this Christmas period, look no further! Our Christmas Chicken recipe has all things associated with the festive period working in perfect harmony! One-pan dish with minimal fuss and maximum flavours coming from tart cranberries, pungent garlic, and sweet oranges. Serve your tender, fall-apart chicken thighs, infused with […]

Balsamic-Glazed Red Cabbage Steaks | A Perfect Christmas Dinner Side

Red Cabbage Steaks

We simply couldn’t imagine our Christmas dinner plate without any red cabbage on it! But there’s certainly more than one way to cook it! Having tried numerous versions of braised cabbage, we have decided to do something slightly different this year. We present to you our Balsamic-Glazed Red Cabbage Steaks, boasting a perfect sweet-savoury combination, […]

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