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Christmas Sourdough Recipes

A collage of christmas sourdough bakes.

Put your sourdough starter to good use this Christmas and make delicious sweet and savoury bakes for your family and friends to enjoy over the festive period! We compiled the best Christmas Sourdough Recipes from around the world: from German Christmas Sourdough bread with marzipan to Italian Panettone, to sourdough Christmas cookies, we have something festive here for everyone! Oh, and look out for Christmas Sourdough scoring ideas at the end!

Christmas Sourdough Bread and Rolls

1. Italian Sourdough Panettone

Half of the sourodugh panettone on a wooden chopping board wit ha pine cone in the foreground.

Sourdough Panettone is one of my favourite Christmas treats! A rich buttery Italian bread, generously studded with dried fruit and mixed peel can easily be mistaken for cake! Using an active sourdough starter in this recipe, it does take a bit of patience to make, but the result is oh-so-good!

2. Sourdough Stollen

sourdough stollen cut in half exposing marzipan swirl in the middle.

We are sharing our homemade naturally leavened Sourdough Stollen version, created without any commercial yeast. Generously studded with brandy-infused dried fruit and rolled with luxurious marzipan, Sourdough Stollen undoubtedly presents serious competition to even the best of the traditional British Christmas Cakes.

3. Sourdough Star Bread

This Sourdough Star Bread may be the prettiest, most delicious cinnamon bread you’ll ever make. But surprisingly, it is very easy to make (no kneading, just simple layering of the dough and twisting it to create this beautiful shape). This recipe, skillfully crafted by BAKED, has become one of our Christmas favourites, and we’re sure you will love it too!

4. Christmas Bread Loaf

Sourdough cinnamon bread studded with sulatnas on a small chopping board, with two slices already cut.

Our perfect breakfast loaf has soft crumb, lots of raisins and gorgeous aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg. Sourdough Cinnamon & Raisin Bread is a great wintery loaf that’s perfect for slicing and toasting! We love it slathered with salted butter next to a strong morning coffee!

5. Sourodugh Saffron Buns

These Swedish lussekatter-inspired Sourdough Saffron Buns make a regular appearance in Sweden over the festive period! And once you tried these, you will know exactly why! Beautiful bright yellow from saffron, their soft and rich interior and fun shapes make them utterly irresistible!

Sourdough Christmas Cookies and Biscuits

1. Sourdough Gingerbread

Thicker and softer Sourdough Gingerbread Cookies are how we love our ultimate Christmas treats to be! Full of warming spices and treacly flavours from the brown sugar, gingerbread cookies are not only delicious but certainly a fun cookie to make! This is an overnight recipe though, so it will require some patience, but all good things are worth waiting for, right?

2. Mince Pies With Sourdough Pastry

What is the greatest food-related British Christmas tradition of all time? For us, it’s a mince pie! Sweet and boozy mincemeat encased in a flaky buttery shortcrust warms your heart and soul, and you can almost hear the Christmas bells ringing somewhere in the distance! This year, why not try to mix things up by making these delicious Pear Mince Pies with Sourdough Pastry?

3. Christmas Sourdough Biscotti

a christmas biscotti being dipped into espresso coffee.

Biscotti or Cantucci in Italy, Croquets in France, Mandelbrot in Germany – crunchy Italian twice-baked cookies with nuts are enjoyed all over Europe. We make our Chocolate Sourdough Biscotti with Hazelnuts and Cocoa Powder and love them dunked in black coffee, but these are also great with tea or dessert wine!

4. Sourdough Sugar Cookies

A simple yet delicious way to use some of your sourdough discard and make even more festive Christmas cookies to enjoy yourself or gift to your loved ones! With seven simple everyday ingredients and very little hands-on time, these cookies are a perfect recipe by Lynn’s Way Of Life to try for both experienced and novice bakers!

Savoury Sourdough Bakes For Christmas

1. Fruity Sourdough Crackers For Cheeseboards

Sourdough Crackers served with Cheese

Double-baked, crunchy, and generously studded with seeds and dried fruit, these crackers are both luxurious and humble. Using leftover sourdough discard and any chewy dried fruit you have in your cupboard, you will make your very own Fruit & Seed Sourdough Crackers to serve with your cheeseboard!

2. Sourdough Baguettes

Sourdough baguettes on a wire rack.

Our Crusty Sourdough Baguettes have a soft and airy interior and that classic chewy sourdough crust! This is an overnight recipe, but the actual hands-on time isn’t long! These are perfect for slicing into rounds for Christmas Party Bruschettas.

3. Sourdough Yorkshire Puddings

Sourdough Yorkshire Puddings

If you keep a sourdough starter, making Yorkshire Puddings is a great way to use up some of it! No Sunday dinner is complete without a puffy Yorkshire Pudding that soaks up all the beautiful gravy! Our Sourdough Yorkshire Pudding recipe is as simple as it gets, and they puff up, crisp up and brown like a dream!

Other Sourdough Recipes To Try

We hope you’ve found some wonderful sourdough recipes to try this Christmas. They are all brilliantly festive! But if you’re looking for something slightly different, why not try:

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