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Easy Canapés | Bite Size Party Food

trio of easy canapés served on two black slates and one square white plate on a wooden table.

We have put together a selection of three of our best easy canapés that are full of flavour and look great without having to spend hours decorating! Elements of all three canapes can be made a day in advance, and then only need to be put together on the day you’re serving!

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When you are planning a party with too many guests to seat them, there’s always a question of what food to serve, so that people can enjoy great food without needing a knife and a fork. Often, at such parties, there are a bunch of things, like chips and dips, crudites and a bunch of sweet treats! And that’s great! We love all these things. But sometimes, when we want to show off just a little bit and make the food more exciting and presentable, we make our Easy Canapés, which are perfect bite size party food!

Easy Canapés That Anyone Can Make

The word ‘canape’ on its own can make people nervous. Small bite-size pieces, normally intricately decorated simply scream hours and hours of work in the kitchen, possibly page-long lists of ingredients and kitchen tools that we never knew existed. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Canapés can be made easy with just a few ingredients and still impress with their look and taste.

Here, we put together three recipes for our favourite go-to canapes, that even a novice cook can make without any trouble. Some of the elements can be made in advance, making light work on the day you wish to serve them.

CANAPE 1: Smoked Salmon on Sweetcorn Blinis

Classic Canape with a bit of a twist! We arranged Smoked Salmon on Sweetcorn Blinis and topped it with some cream cheese and a little bit of lemon! Homemade sweetcorn blinis are a breeze to make, and the unpretentious decoration make these an easy, but very flavoursome option even for the novice cooks!

A hand holding a smoked salmon and sweetcorn blini canape.

CANAPE 2: Sweet Potato Gratin Canapes with Smoked Paprika (Vegetarian)

Vegetarian Sweet Potato Gratin Canapes are bursting with the flavour of smoked paprika! The beauty of these canapes is that it requires very little hands-on time and no decorating skills. The gratin is cooked in a square roasting tin, then cooled and cut into squares. All we do to make the canapes look pretty is pipe a rosette of creme fraiche and sprinkle the top with some more smoked paprika!

Sweet potato gratin canapes on a black slate on a concrete surface.

CANAPE 3: Mushroom and Polenta Canapes (Vegetarian, with Vegan Option)

One of our favourite vegetarian canapes! Impressive looking and full of flavour, but very easy to make! A polenta base and fried mushrooms sitting on top of cream cheese and sweet caramelised onion chutney, make a wonderful combination of both flavours and textures! Add our Mushroom and Polenta Canapes to the menu of your next party!

mushroom and polenta canapaes on a black slate on a wooden table.

Other Party Food Ideas

We hope you like our ideas for easy canapés. For other recipes that you may consider for your next party, have a look below:

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  1. These are gorgeous. I love the sweet potato layers. They are so pretty and very French! Delicious.

    1. Thanks a lot! The sweet potato gratin is probably the easiest one to make too 🙂

  2. Such great ideas! I love the sweetcorn blinis.

    1. Thanks, Katherine!

  3. Can I come to your party please? These look incredible! Love these pretty little party nibbles – just gorgeous.

    1. Kate, an invitation to our next party is in the post! 🙂 Thanks for lovely feedback!

  4. I love these canape ideas!! We have a bunch of friends coming over for dinner in a few days and I can’t wait to serve this as an appetizer!

    1. Thanks! Really hope your guests like these canapes! 🙂

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