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How, When & What Mix-Ins To Add To Your Sourdough?

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Flavoured Sourdough

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Mix It Up: Turn Your Sourdough into a Flavour Adventure! Welcome to the world of flavour-packed sourdough, where you will discover endless possibilities to make every loaf a tasty adventure.

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In this Ebook, you will learn -->

How Mix-Ins Affect Hydration and Bulk Fermentation

When To Add Mix-Ins and How To Distribute Them Well?

What Sweet and Savoury Mix-Ins You Should Try + The Best Combinations

How To Flavour Your Sourdough With Tea & Coffee!

And How To Add Flavour Without Mix-Ins!

PLUS Get 2 Amazing BONUSES: - Festive Mix-In Ideas - 6 Best Flavoured Sourdough Recipes