How nice would it be to enjoy a freshly home-baked Croissant and imagine you’ve just bought it in a lovely Parisian viennoiserie? Oh yes… This is a recipe that will take you on a journey to France!

Let’s get started!

"Let's eat croissants and pretend we're in Paris!"

6 Ingredients You Will Need

01 Strong Bread Flour

02 Caster Sugar

03  Milk

04 Egg Yolk

05 Butter

06 Active Sourdough Starter

Yeast Package
Flour Bag
Flour Bowl

Use Active Starter At Its Peak


To ensure a good lift you will need a strong active starter to help a heavily enriched dough rise. 

Make Detempre


Make the main dough! Proof it at room temperature, then finish proofing in the fridge.



In this step, butter is encased into the sourdough detempre and rolled out multiple times to create butter layers. 

Rest The Pastry Overnight In the Fridge


This will solidify the butter and strengthen the gluten in the pastry.

Shape Sourdough Croissants on Day 2


A satisfying process that will  get you all excited about eating them! Once shapes, they will proof again at room temperature. 

Bake and Enjoy!


All the hard work and patience pays off! The crescent shape, the layers created by lamination and the crispy brown exterior!