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No-Fuss Vegetarian Bibimbap

vegetarian bibimbap is ready to eat

Bibimbap is likely the most popular Korean dish that has gained popularity all over the world! Unsurprisingly so, it’s healthy, full of vegetables, textures and flavours! We’ve made a version of no-fuss vegetarian bibimbap using a shop-bought mix of stir-fry vegetables. We have also flavoured the dish with miso paste alongside a traditional Gochujang sauce! […]

Dukkah Roasted Vegetables with Spicy Couscous

dukkah roasted vegetables

A vegetarian North African cuisine-inspired celebration on a plate, this Dukkah Roasted Vegetables recipe is not only easy to make but also bursting with the flavours of nutritious roasted vegetables! Roasted broccoli, courgette and aubergine served with fluffy wholewheat couscous, spiced with harissa, all topped with crunchy fragrant Dukkah! What’s not to like? Dukkah Roasted […]

Vegan Stuffed Butternut Squash

Vegan Stuffed Butternut Squash

A true winter warmer, our Vegan Stuffed Butternut Squash features a very flavoursome lentil and porcini mushroom filling, made creamy with the help of light tahini. Further flavoured with balsamic, miso paste, garlic and mixed herbs, this recipe will not disappoint your tastebuds! 100% plant-based, filling and not difficult to make, this stuffed butternut squash […]

Festive Gammon with Grapefruit Glaze and Cranberry & Grapefruit Sauce

Glazed gammon joint with grapefruit on a black slate with a blue bowl of cranberry and grapefruit sauce and half a grapefruit next to it.

A wonderful winter gammon dish, perfect for Boxing Day or New Year’s Day! Festive Gammon with Grapefruit Glaze has all 5 main flavours: salty, umami gammon, sour and bitter grapefruit and sweet honey, make this an irresistible centrepiece for your celebratory dinner table! We serve it with a Cranberry and Grapefruit Sauce, using up any […]