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Ultimate Easter Dinner for Two

Easter Menu for Two

If this Easter is different for you and you are not going to celebrate with family & friends, you can still enjoy a real feast. Whilst a large family gathering may be the first choice for most of us, this year, we are putting together an Ultimate Easter Menu for two. Not compromising on flavours, this menu will ensure that you will be eating like a king, with not much leftover. With flavours second to none, our Easter Dinner for Two will include everything from an amazing poached egg breakfast to a decadent Easter dinner centred around the stuffed lamb. And of course, a bunch of baked treats to satisfy that sweet tooth. And if you’re not all about sugar, we have an amazing savoury biscuit recipe for that end-of-dinner cheese board.

Whilst some of the links below are to recipes that serve more than two, you can halve these recipes easily or otherwise adjust to the portion number that you need. We hope you enjoy the menu we have put together for Easter this year!

Hot Cross Buns:

First thing’s first, no Easter is complete without a lovely Hot Cross Bun slathered in lots of butter. We have two brilliant recipes for you to try:

  • Sourdough Hot Cross Buns. Fluffy, spiced and generously studded with fruit, these soft Sourdough Hot Cross Buns are something I look forward to every year! Start these on Good Friday evening to have lovely Hot Cross Buns on Easter Sunday morning!
  • Wholewheat Hot Cross Buns with Ginger. A twist on British Easter classic Hot Cross Bun! Made with whole wheat flour, spiced with cinnamon, mixed spice, and ginger in addition to all the lovely dried fruit, this Wholemeal Hot Cross Bun Loaf is a brilliant Easter breakfast treat!

Easter Breakfast: Crispy Rosti with Poached Eggs and Avocado:

A stack of Crispy Rosti with Poached Eggs on top and a lovely Breakfast Guacamole on the side is all we need to start a special day right! That’s certainly the breakfast we’ll be having this Easter Sunday!

Easter Menu for Two

Easter Lunch: Traditional Easter Spanakopita

A lovely lighter vegetarian lunch that is packed full of spinach and feta! Creamy filling with the freshness of the mint and saltiness of feta won’t disappoint! The crispy golden brown filo pastry will add the needed crunch! A Traditional Spanakopita is definitely a winner on our lunch table!

Easter Menu for Two

Easter Dinner:

Easter Menu for Two

Easter Desserts:

If you’re looking for a dessert worthy of the centrepiece title, why not make our Individual Elderflower Fraisier Cakes or a Salted Caramel Banana Tarte Tatin.

For those who are blessed not to have a sweet tooth, a cheeseboard with our amazing Pecan & Apricot Cheese Biscuits will be all you need to finish your Easter celebrations with a bang.

We believe that snacking on all sorts of Easter treats throughout the day is the only way forward! We have a whole bunch of recipes for you to try:

We are having our Passionfruit Martinis as an afternoon treat as well (the recipe also includes a non-alcoholic version).

We hope you will be impressed with our Easter menu for two. Happy Easter to you all from us!

easter menu for two

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